Oral Health for Seniors

As we age reduced salivary flow and the addition of medications start to effect our oral health dramatically. The good habits of proper daily brushing, diet and use of fluoride will help us adapt to changing conditions as we age.

The older we get our teeth will darken due to long term exposure to plaque and dentin within the tooth. Gums may recede and uncover roots which can make them more prone to decay. Overtime, fillings can weaken which can cause them to decay and become discolored.

Dry mouth is a common condition in older patients, increased daily medication such as, antihistamine, decongestants, diuretics, etc, can reduce the flow of saliva. Saliva is useful to help lubricate, wash away plaque and neutralize the acid produced by plaque. The build up of plaque accelerates tooth decay. Plaque cam also lead to more gum infection which can eventually cause bone loss throughout the jaw.

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