A Berry Good Proposition: Black Raspberries May Fight Oral Cancer

In the the mood for something sweet? Consider a handful of black raspberries. Researchers at Ohio State's James Cancer Hospital have shown that black raspberries may not only help prevent colon  and esophageal cancer, but help battle oral cancer as well. Lab tests show that this delicious fruit reduced tumor on the mouth by up to 44 percent. Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems...

First off, black raspberries are very difficult to come by in  your regular grocery store, even when in season. having access to them year-round could be quite a task. Second, studies show that you would have to eat 4 whole cups a day to enjoy the full heath benefits. Very few of us actually eat the recommended 5 servings of fruit a day. Find the time, and stomach, to eat 4 cups of raspberries could be difficult, no matter how delicious they are. 

Fortunately, scientists are working on a solution: lozenges. They hope that concentrating the cancer-fighting chemicals in black raspberries into more manageable lozenges will prove to be as successful in the fight against oral cancer as eating the whole fruit ( though nutritionists will tell you the whole fruit is always better for you). If researchers find that certain genes respond to the berry extract in them., it could someday mean a simple new way to fight cancer. The biggest plus is that they would be available year-round. 

It should be noted that fruit is part of a healthy diet, and therefore good for your teeth. Highly acidic fruits, like lemons, can actually harm tooth enamel, however, so try to rinse your mouth out with warm water or brush your teeth after you eat them. Also, stay away from high-sugar snacks, like candy and soda (and yes, even black raspberry cobbler ). 

Lucky for us we live in an area that offers a lot of different choices for farm fresh fruit. Linked below is one of the many farms that opens its fields to the public to be able to pick your own fruit! The best part is they grow black raspberries and they are currently in season. Not only is it a fun family outing but you would be supporting our local farms. 


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